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~Every road leads to a destination, but the most important path is the one your heart willingly follows~

-sheri gilbert-


On the Author


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Sheri is a full time writer, penning poems, short stories and novel’s for both children and adults. You can read one of Sheri's short stories entitled "Glimpse," at Sheri is also a contributing member at Themestream, a new but growing on-line forum for author’s who wish to publish and edit their work on-line. Sheri has just completed her third middle grade novel, and is working on her fourth. She currently resides in sunny Arizona with her husband, son, and much loved Akita.

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Author's work on-line:

"She" - Poetry

Endless - Poetry

"Glimpse" - Paranormal Suspense Short Story

"The Cinderella Syndrome" - Literary Short Short

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