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Note: Many of Sheri's articles are linked to, which is currently upgrading from their preview stage. Consequently, if you receive a 'site down' message, simply hit refresh or the link a second time and the article should pop right up.


new.gif (116 bytes)To Crit or Not to Crit? A Spotlight on Critique Groups - By Victoria J. Coe - A must read for anyone considering joining a critique group! Includes Do's and Don'ts, PLUS questions to ask yourself when evaluating a potential group.


new.gif (116 bytes)The Art of Revision: A Necessary Evil - Practical steps to ease you through the revision process.(themestream article)


Query Creativity-A Way to get Your Foot in the Door - By Sheri Gilbert (themestream article)


The Golden Voice - Do You Have It? - By Sheri Gilbert - A comprehensive article on finding and maximizing the writer's 'voice' in your fiction work.


How I Eat, Er - Write a Synopsis - By Victoria J. Coe - This is a deliciously done comprehensive article on synopsis writing, including special hints and tips!


The Do's and Don'ts of Manuscript Submissions - By Sheri Gilbert


Keys to Beating the Rejection Blues - By Sheri Gilbert (themestream article)


Finding the 'Write'  Market - By Sheri Gilbert (themestream article)


Help! All My Files Have Been Deleted! - By Sheri Gilbert - This is an in-depth look at preferred backup methods for writers, including a few suggestions on how to recover your work if the unthinkable has happened. (themestream article)



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